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102 Monologues for Middle School Actors
Including comedy and dramatic monologues

By Rebecca Young


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Rebecca Young demonstrates once again her remarkable ability to write in the voice of teenage characters and emphasize believable experiences that appeal to young actors.  Boyfriend issues, girlfriend issues.  Teacher issues, parent issues.  Sports issues, band issues.  Love, hate, jealousy, betrayal, and so much more.  Middle school years are some of the best and most challenging times a student can go through, and Young captures both the drama and the humor of this unique age.  The book is divided between monologues for girls, for guys, or either.  The wide variety of topics ensures a good fit with any student’s personality.  All monologues are between one and two minutes and are suitable for an audition, classroom performance, speech competition, or acting practice.

(177 pages, 5½ x 8½, paperback)

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