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Getting Your Kicks!
A beginner’s guide to choreography

By Adrea Gibbs


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In this DVD, stage choreography has been simplified so any beginner can visually learn all the essentials in one viewing.  This DVD and 28-page workbook set makes a superb toolkit for building confidence in untrained dancers and teaching them the basics they need to participate in choreographed dance numbers for any musical show.  A convenient interactive menu of nine sections allows the user to see the step-by-step action over and over again as needed.  The DVD shows inexperienced teens doing musical counting in action to fit both simple and advanced dance routines and musical styles.  Dancer and narrator Adrea Gibbs demonstrates how to add style to any dance pattern with body and hand movements.  She also shows fun dance steps like the Charleston and the Shim Sham.  This is an incomparable resource for creating an endless number of choreographic combinations. 

(DVD, approx.  40 minutes; includes 28 page workbook)

Parts available
DVD and workbook978-1-56608-114-6$29.95

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