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Introduction to Theatre Arts, volume 1
2nd Edition

By Suzi Zimmerman


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This is the SECOND EDITION of everyone’s favorite Introduction to Theatre Arts, volume 1!  Suzi Zimmerman designed this year-long curriculum to help teachers organize and energize their Theatre 1 class, engaging students in the idea of learning by doing.

Classroom set of 25-100:  $16 each (For quantities larger than 100 Student Workbooks, please request a quote for a deeper discount.)

STUDENT WORKBOOK — 238 pages, 8½ x 11, loose-leaf, 3-hole punched

This classroom-tested, year-long curriculum covers the entire spectrum of theatre:  theatre history, scene work, acting, characterization, publicity, play production, games and improvisations, and more.  You’ll love that this second edition is gender neutral, better organized, updated to reflect modern technology and social media, and has a 2020 copyright date!

Even better, the Student Workbook is just that...  a true individual workbook for each student, loose-leaf, three-hole punched, and ready to drop into a binder.  At no more than $16 per workbook when you order a classroom set of 25 or more, we’ve designed this book to fit the budgetary considerations of schools, making it available at a fraction of the price of other Theatre 1 textbooks.

Luckily, we’ve retained all the elements that made the first edition of this book a top-selling theatre arts curriculum text year after year.  You’ll still find the daily bell work, fun puzzles, and quizzes and tests that you’ve come to rely on to make classroom management easier. 

TEACHER’S GUIDE — 344 pages, 8½ x 11, paperback

The second edition of the Teacher’s Guide is also better laid out with the notes to the teacher now appearing alongside the corresponding student page.  You still have every page from the Student Workbook, but there’s no more flipping back and forth between pages!  Four additional sections in the Teacher’s Guide make this student-friendly text also very teacher-friendly:  teaching tools, evaluation tools, production tools, and tests and major projects.  Tests even include two levels of difficulty, so your evaluations can match your students and your expectations.

Whether teaching middle or high school Theatre 1 in the classroom or through distance learning, this updated popular text is a lifesaver!

NOTE:  Due to the weight of the Teacher’s Guide, your invoice will include a $3.00 Heavy Item Surcharge.

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Parts available
Student Workbook 1, Paper Version978-1-56608-262-4$26.95