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The Scenebook for Actors
Great monologs and dialogs from contemporary and classical theatre

Edited by Norman A. Bert


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Somewhere in this book is one or several perfect monologs or dialogs for any audition.  Included are short cuttings from some of the very best scenes in theatre yesterday and today.  All selections are by leading international playwrights including Pinter, Goldsmith, Ionesco, Mamet and many more.  The choices are many:  powerful, soft and quiet, strident and commanding.  The book also explains how to find the right audition monolog for an actor’s voice, face, style and stage persona.  Everyone should feel free to utilize the valuable tips on how to develop the audition monolog for performance and how to build a systematic file of scenes for a personal working repertoire.

(256 pages, 5½ x 8½, paperback)

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