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Step By Step Instructional DVD
An Amateur’s Video Guide to Choreography


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Have you been producing musicals year after year, but you’re looking for a way to ”step up” the quality?  Or is this your first musical and the thought of choreography leaves you unsure if you can even pull it off?  Maybe the thought of choreographing a musical has prevented you from ever putting on that one BIG production.  Not to worry!  No matter what your level of experience — if you think you have two left feet or if you’re a fledgling Fred Astaire — this video will help you.  You will be shown, with actual on-screen demonstrations, how to teach simple movement to non-dancers, how to adapt that movement to different styles, and how to make your show look terrific in the process.  With our help and your imagination, you’ll soon discover that you’re quite a choreographer after all.  Broken down into four ”acts,” STEP BY STEP illustrates the following:

ACT ONE: Fundamental Techniques gets you and your budding chorus line started, focusing on the primary functions of choreography.

ACT TWO: Basic Movement discusses and demonstrates basic choreographed moves, ranging from posture and focus changes to artistic grouping and chases.

ACT THREE: Basic Steps offers explanations and presentations of a number of moves.  This video can be an actual visual model for your cast, or it can be a source of ideas for you.  Dozens of steps are demonstrated right before your very eyes...  and feet!

ACT FOUR: Stylization shows you how to take all of these skills and adapt them to your show.  So, whether your production is sailin’ on the high blue seas or hangin’ out at the O.K. Corral, you’ll be able to utilize the dozens of dance steps on this video.

That’s right!  You don’t need years of dance or musical experience to choreograph the show of your dreams.  If you’ve been looking for that special tool that will aid you and your actors in your upcoming musical, then this video is for you.  It will give you everything you need to know...  step by step!

(DVD, approx.  60 minutes)

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Instructional video (DVD)978-1-56608-205-1$59.95

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