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Cover of Acting for Life Acting for Life
A textbook on acting
This comprehensive textbook is aimed at high school and college level drama students with its exploration of human characters and relationships.

Cover of The Complete Book of Speech Communication The Complete Book of Speech Communication
A workbook of ideas and activities for students of speech and theatre
A lively textbook of creative activities for a full year’s course in speech communication.

Cover of Directing for the Stage Directing for the Stage
A workshop guide of 42 creative training exercises and projects
The only directing text that combines theory with hands-on learning.

Cover of The Director’s Eye The Director’s Eye
A comprehensive how-to textbook for directors and actors
An inspirational and informative approach to directing that will serve as a lifelong career reference.

Cover of Everything About Theatre Everything About Theatre
Student Edition / Teacher’s Resource
The history, the crafts, and the art of the stage are presented in eighteen easy-to-understand units.  Each craft is described with examples, illustrations, and hands-on exercises where appropriate.

Cover of Forensics Forensics
The winner’s guide to speech contests
This informative book is designed to introduce beginning students to individual forensic events and also to serve as a valuable resource for more advanced students.

Cover of An Introduction to the Art of Theatre An Introduction to the Art of Theatre
A comprehensive text — past, present, and future
This semester-long, introductory theatre textbook is highly readable and created specifically to instill a strong interest in theatre.

Cover of Introduction to Theatre Arts, volume 1 Introduction to Theatre Arts, volume 1
2nd Edition
A newly updated year-long curriculum designed to help teachers organize and energize their Theatre 1 class.

Cover of Introduction to Theatre Arts, volume 2 Introduction to Theatre Arts, volume 2 New title!
Second edition
The second edition of Introduction to Theatre Arts 2 is a must have resource for your more advanced theatre arts students.

Cover of Lessons: The Craft of Acting Lessons:  The Craft of Acting
Truthful human behavior on stage and screen
100 plain-speaking lessons that simplify the art of acting for students and professionals.

Cover of Screen Teen Writers Screen Teen Writers
How young screenwriters can find success
This “for teens only” informative text demonstrates how any student can create a marketable screenplay idea or script.

Cover of Speechcraft Speechcraft
An introduction to public speaking
This quality book provides students with enough theory and information to learn beginning speech, while emphasizing practical exercises and activities.

Cover of Stagecraft 1 Stagecraft 1
A Complete Guide to Backstage Work
This textbook is intended to be the primary source of information for a semester-long Stagecraft course, introducing students to the production techniques used in a theatre.

Cover of The Theatre and You The Theatre and You
A beginning introduction to the fascinating world of theatre
If you’re hoping to find that one simple high school text that “tells it all” for your beginning theatre class, then look no further!

Cover of The Theatre Machine                                                        The Theatre Machine
A Resource Manual for Teaching Acting
The Theatre Machine is a ’hands-on’ text for teaching all of the fundamentals of performance over a relatively brief, challenging and entertaining span of time.