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Acting Scenes and Monologs for Young Women
Sixty dramatic characterizations

By Maya Levy


Cover of
Finally!  Here is a stirring book of original scenes and monologs that is gender specific!  This is not just another book of scenes but a wide variety of topics and situations fine-tuned to recreate the day-to-day experiences of young women.  This wonderfully diversified collection of monologs, dialogs, trios, and quartets deals with subjects of self-discovery, survival in the real world, and daunting decisions from tragic to trivial.  These sixty characterizations will make both performers and audiences laugh, cry, and know themselves better.  The material is excellent for speech contests, acting exercises, or auditions.  With lengths varying from two minutes to six minutes each, this is a superb book for any drama library.

(176 pages, 5½ x 8½, paperback)

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