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Just Me
100 monologues for teens

By Phyllis C. Johnson


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This unique collection of contemporary monologues covers a wide range of teenage experience.  With 50 monologues for girls and 50 for guys, almost every possible comedic and/or dramatic situation is brought to life with characters who speak as teenagers today.  With so many humorous, quirky characters and themes of self-awareness from which to choose, there’s a perfect monologue for everyone of middle school and high school age.  Monologues include:  “I Want a Job,” “The Piano Recital,” “High Fiber,” “The Goth,” “Jagged Jasmine,” “The Tattoo Artist,” “I Want a Prom Date,” “The Family Reunion,” “About Race,” plus 91 more.  These monologues may be used for auditions, class assignments, or discussion starters.  A valuable resource for every theatre library.

(119 pages, 5½ x 8½, paperback)

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