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Tight Spots
True-to-life monolog characterizations for student actors

By Diana M. Howie


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Here is a balanced collection of 50 monologues, drawn from real-life experiences of contemporary teens from all walks of life.  Divorce, parents, school, getting in trouble, finding your own way — all loom large in these monologues.  In each two- to four-minute monologue, the character is saying what is currently on his or her mind, sometimes speaking to another person, sometimes talking to themselves, but almost always anticipating a difficult confrontation, experiencing something new or weighing options.  Besides being split evenly between girls and boys, we have also equally divided the monologues into lighter material that could be considered humorous despite the crisis situation, and heavier, more serious material.  Of course, most of the monologues contain elements of both.

(128 pages, 5½ x 8½, paperback)

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