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Christina  Hamlett

Former actress and theatre director Christina Hamlett is the published author of seventeen books, ninety-eight plays and musicals for young people and over 250 magazine and newspaper columns on the performing arts, humor, travel, health and how-to’s for writers. She is also lead screenwriter for an independent film company and teaches an innovative online screenwriting course through WriteRead University.

A degree in Communications from California State University, Sacramento, led to various stints in public relations, radio and cable television, as well as mentoring new writers in the genres of mystery, suspense and romance.

Recently married in Scotland, she and her husband are currently collaborating on several books and film projects. The work she remains the most proud of? Two anthologies of comedy scripts for high school students and the opportunity to ignite young minds to spread their wings and aim for the stars.

In addition to her staff writing for the American Screenwriters Association and Writers Script Network, she is the Screenwriting Associate Editor for Writer on Line, as well as a feature writer for Independent Publisher and many other trade magazines and newspapers located throughout the United Kingdom and Australia.

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