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Dan  Rupple

Isaac Air Freight was the best known and most inventive comedy team in a field they almost single-handedly pioneered: Christian comedy. Their unique style of satirical sketch comedy humorously communicates piercing truths about the human condition through the antics of some of the most colorful and real characters you may ever have the pleasure of meeting.

The original members of Isaac Air Freight, Dan Rupple and Dave Toole, teamed up in 1976 with the hope of building a successful comedy writing and performing career. They were able to do just that, but in a way they never expected. They were gaining considerable word-of-mouth attention around Southern California nightclubs when, in 1977, they each made a commitment to Christ. The personal changes they were experiencing quickly became evident in their direction as a group. Material that had its basis in cynicism and escapism steadily gave way to comedy that inspired their audiences and offered them an opportunity to re-examine today’s values.

In 1978 they recorded their first album, entitled Fun in the Son. It was an immediate best-seller among contemporary Christian audiences. By the time their second album, In the Air/On the Air, was released, the group’s touring schedule had grown enormously, and with it, the appeal for their insightful comic vision. 1980 brought the release of Foolish Guys … to Confound the Wise, an album aimed at the spiritual center of contemporary life both inside and outside the church; a powerful statement in laughter.

In 1981 Dan and Dave began work on The Isaac Air Show, a highly successful daily radio feature. The program was syndicated nationwide on over 120 stations. The most popular selections from the show gave birth to two more albums, Snooze Ya Looze and My Kingdom Come/Thy Kingdom Come.

Extensive touring and numerous television projects brought the group widespread recognition not only within the gospel industry, but with a national, mainstream audience. Their growing popularity brought two more albums aimed at this audience outside the church walls. The Freight’s Designer Album (1985) and Over Our Heads (1987) revealed their growth as artists and as communicators.

In 1987 Dan and Dave limited their engagements to part-time weekend performances, due to their desires to move into different areas of ministry. In 1991 the hilarious fun of Isaac Air Freight came to an end. From there, Dan went on to co-host a highly popular morning talk radio show in Southern California with childhood friend and Christian musician Bob Bennett. In 1990 Dan left radio to work for CBS Television, where he supervised the productions of The Price is Right and The Late Show with David Letterman. After ten years at CBS, Dan returned to full-time ministry. He is presently serving as the Executive Pastor at Florence Avenue Foursquare Church in Southern California.

When the team ended in 1991, Dave found a job in sales and today is a successful sales manager for a printing company in Orange County.

Both men have been happily married for well over twenty years and are actively involved with their families. Dan is the father of three and Dave the father of four.

For now, the group’s live appearances are a wonderful memory of the past; but the eternal truths of their sketches are as relevant and true as the day they were first presented.

Titles By: Dan Rupple