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Seusspeare: Hamlet Hears a Who

By: Christina Hamlett and Jamie Dare

Age Level: All Ages
Cast: 8F, 9M
Time: About 40 minutes, 1 act

Seusspeare returns with another Shakespearean classic told in Dr. Seuss rhyme! Hamlet battles insanity and the truth behind his father’s untimely death in this humorous retelling. All of the action happens on a split stage with two sets, Hamlet’s dorm-style room and his parents’ suite, with several spotlight scenes in the aisles, as well. Contemporary references and popular songs (as the ringtones on the characters’ cell phones) add to the comic effect. To Hamlet’s infamous query, "To be or not — why can’t I hear it?" his father’s Starbucks-sipping ghost replies, "What you need’s a helpful spirit!" As Hamlet tries to prove his father’s death isn’t what it seems, the Princess of Norway convinces her husband, Fortinbras, to plot an overthrow of Denmark in the confusion, saying, "You will not get a better chance to kick ol’ Denmark in the pants." Love-struck Ophelia won’t leave Hamlet alone, Claudius woos Gertrude to get the throne, Horatio tries to get Hamlet in the zone, and none of them can put down their phones! Hilarious action and dialogue throughout. Easy to stage with simple sets, costumes and props.

This title is now carried by Pioneer Drama Service.  Click here to order on Pioneer's web site.

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