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Seusspeare: Meet the Macbeths

By: Christina Hamlett and Jamie Dare

Age Level: All Ages
Cast: 7F, 7M, plus 2 extras
Time: About 40 minutes, 1 act

Forget rhyming couplets! Forget Elizabethan English! This is Shakespeare as Dr. Seuss would have written it. You’ve never heard the story of Macbeth told in such a humorous way! All of the action happens on a split stage with two sets, the McFee home and the Macbeth castle. Every event in the original play is reenacted as the lines are delivered in Seuss rhymes a la "Green Eggs and Ham," "Horton Hears a Who" and more. Contemporary references add to the comic effect. When blood spots appear after her murderous deeds, Lady Macbeth says, "Clorox®, Purex®, Gain® and Zout®, why won’t these ugly spots come out." All the while the three witches, Byrtel, Myrtel and Gyrtel scheme to take over the castle as they prophesize eachkilling in Seuss rhyme. When dead Duncan, Banquo and the McFees appear as zombies, Macbeth runs screaming into the aisle. He thinks he’s escaped into the forest. But he’s consumed by the "trees," followed by a finale by the witches and remaining cast.

This title is now carried by Pioneer Drama Service.  Click here to order on Pioneer's web site.

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